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The archaeological missions

Archaeological excavations rate among the top major public engagement activities related to cultural heritage, which yield significant, immediate impacts throughout the area.

The beginning of these activities of the University of Macerata in Italy and abroad can be traced back to 1968, when Prof. Antonino Di Vita created in Macerata the course of Greek and Roman Archeology and History of Art at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy (now Department of Humanities).

The Archaeological Missions of the Department are presented in a dedicated website (in Italian).

Current Field Projects:

Italy - Pollentia-Urbs Salvia, Villamagna.

Libya - Leptis Magna e Sabratha.

Greece - Gortyn.

Albania - Hadrianopolis and Drino valley.

France - Ruscino.

Italy - Cerveteri.


Hadrianopolis (Sofratikë), Albania