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The importance of an in-depth yet flexible education, like the study of humanities, is becoming more and more apparent every year and is necessary to face the challenges of today’s complex world. Combined undergraduate coursework in Humanities and History aims to address these changes. The Bachelor’s Degree in Literature focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and competencies that form the basis for further study. Within the course, students choose a more specialised area of study: classical, modern and contemporary, or historical.

The postgraduate degree offers two options of study:

  • In the first, Classical and Modern Philology (interclass LM-14/LM-15), students can choose one area of specialization between Classical Philology and Literature (LM-15) or Modern and Contemporary Philology and Literature (LM-14).
  • The second, Historical research and Resources of Cultural Heritage (LM-84) allows students to further their studies in history, acquire greater competencies within their area of study and/or specialization, and incorporate chronological, thematic, and methodological contexts into their studies.

Additional learning opportunities, in various forms, are offered every year.

The courses are characterised by their ‘open’ nature – open to dialogue between teaching staff and students, open with the local territory and its cultural background, and efficient libraries, archives and museums.